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WWDCS can provide site surveys, concept and detailed system design, full specifications and CAD drawing packages for all of the below subsystems either as stand alone systems or as a fully integrated solution.

Whether you need internal or external Access Control points for your building, or need to control people and vehicles on your perimeter, WWDCS have the knowledge and experience to help.

From understanding issues associated with door locks/door furniture, to the wide array of card technologies and emerging biometrics technology – we can guide you to help you understand what is right for your application.

Terrorist attacks are constant threat to governmental, military, oil & gas and utilities, however as these targets ‘harden’ their protection the threat is now moving to the commercial and private sectors.

There are many ways of protecting against this type of attack. WWDCS have experienced and qualified structural engineers trained in Blast Mitigation techniques, that are able to compile a comprehensive analysis of the facility detailing high vulnerability and threat areas.

Whether you need internal or external CCTV for your building or CCTV to cover a full perimeter fence, WWDCS have the knowledge and experience to help.

From understanding issues associated with camera positioning, fields of view, recording rates, frame speeds, bandwidth network issues for both standard and High Definition cameras to the provision of home office approved rotakin testing we can assist you with all your CCTV design needs.

Sub systems all need to be integrated and unified into a central or remote operator system that allows control room staff to easily manage multiple system data.

Whether you need to upgrade your monitors or recording equipment, need a full control room design, or have the need for some/all of the sub systems mentioned on this page WWDCS have the knowledge and experience to design a fully integrated solution.

Whether you need to prevent terrorists driving a vehicle through your perimeter fence, through the entrance to your site or you need to protect people in open spaces, WWDCS can help.

We have designed a wide range of HVM solutions for perimeters, entrance areas and open spaces.

Often an after thought to a security design, it’s important to consider what lighting is required to ensure high quality CCTV images at night. Lights can easily be made to switch on when intruders approach which can enhance the security of any site.

From the darkest depths of the Arabian deserts to energy sites, urban areas and industrial zones, WWDCS are well equipped to advise you on all your security lighting needs.

Whether you need a high security fence to delay intruders on foot, a wall topping to help prevent someone climbing over your wall or a HVM fence that will stop vehicles, WWDCS can help. We have designed security fencing, wall toppings and HVM fencing for prisons, borders, oil & gas and CNI sites.

From understanding wind loading and on site installation issues, to knowing official home office delay times that are accredited to certain types of fences, we can guide you through the myriad of options available.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems come in a wide range of technologies, whether it’s open areas, fencing or walls that need perimeter detection, here at WWDCS we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on which technology is best suited to your site.

We have designed perimeter detection solutions using michrophonic fence detection, electric fencing, microwave, infra red, video analytics.