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From 2002, WWDCS personnel have been involved in a broad spectrum of security projects with a particular focus on the energy sector, CNI (critical national infrastructure), borders, prisons and banking.

Our consultants understand the complex issues that need to be addressed from a technical design perspective and the real world operational environment. We take a holistic approach that results in deployment of both physical and electronic security systems that work seamlessly together.


Worldwide DCS is a specialist Security Consultancy practice that has been providing global level security advice to its High Security clients for over a decade.

The company prides itself on the unique approach it takes to solving client’s problems working closely with the client to ensure that security systems and procedures are implemented around the client’s operational needs while not comprimising on security.

Primarily a UK based company, Worldwide DCS in addition to its UK and European customer base, also operates in some of the most challenging environments in the world, from North Africa to the Middle East, all our personnel are experienced and have specialist knowledge gained from years of operating in these areas. In short, Worldwide DCS will be your Protection Partner assisting you to expand your business into new sectors and new horizons.

With offices in the UK and Muscat, the company is well placed to provide its services to both the UK, European and Middle East markets understanding the unique challenges that are presented in both regions.